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Our MISSION is to bring awareness to the Faith destroying theory of Evolution as a systematic deception of the origin of human life for the expressed purpose of having society depend upon government; not God. Serve the King produces media and resources for our primary audience, Church leadership, to help reduce the loss of our youth upon graduation from high school.  Our Mission is accomplished by use of Biblical principles, that is, approach each task with a Biblical worldview.


Why I Wrote This Book


If you have been told science or evolution or natural selection or Big Bang cosmology has proved God does not exist –

You have been lied to. They are not telling you the truth.

Those are only attempts at alternate explanations of things without acknowledging God.

Think for yourself.

How – what science could possibly prove that something that happened in the past was caused by invisible force (A) (evolution) and not by invisible force (B) (God)?

Where would you start? Can you even conceive how such a thing could be tested? How could it be verified?

The Scientific Method is clear and plain: the process must be OBSERVABLE, REPEATABLE, and VERIFIABLE by an independent third party.

And Yet,

It can seem that most of the scientists in the world, most of the educators, most of the highly intelligent people want to believe that evolution and natural selection are true science – and that science has ruled against the existence of God. And therefore they live as if He does not exist. And they often successfully persuade the rest of us they are right and justified in that belief. (Even a casual look at society today reveals the bankruptcy of that foundation.)

All without any proof what so ever. How can it be?

There is no conceivable way to prove or disprove it, and yet an impressive majority of intellectuals contend it is Fact ,

How are we to understand it? To begin, let’s take a step back.

Can you understand that if you believe the existence of God would be Very Bad News – Then perhaps no matter what evidence you are shown, nothing would convince you? You have too much at stake.

And can you see how, if one has already made up his mind, before going into the laboratory to begin his research, he can be predisposed, (biased) before he begins his first step. If he wants to explain things another way, he can say most anything plausible. Who could prove him wrong? But, you are thinking, this charge of bias is a serious charge. Why would you think that?

In my mind there are revealing indications. For example:

When an alternate theory, such as the theory of Intelligent Design, is put forth by reputable scientists, and is roundly and resolutely refused and rejected, isn’t the most likely explanation is that it would not be seen as good news by those who don’t want a God in the picture?

Bear in mind, they do not have any science they can point to that shows “this is the result of (A) and not (B). But their opposition is uniform and absolute, And this without any proof. They have ruled for decades. God is ruled out of the schools resulting in fenced compounds complete with metal detectors at the entrances, and God is ruled out of the courthouses resulting in crowded prisons and a high and discouraging recidivism rate proving the failure of their assumptions, and of government in general resulting in disastrous policies in abortion, same sex marriage and gender confusion decisions about public bathrooms. This is at great cost to the rest of us, both morally and monetarily and in personal safety.

What difference does it make with God in the picture?