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It is the Reason Why 

80% of Your Youth

Are Leaving the Church After Graduating

from High School.

That's Your Future Congregation.

The public school system’s indoctrination of students to accept the “theory” of Evolution as scientific fact is the greatest hoax forced on our children – our culture – in our country’s history. Public education offers no other choice! All other possibilities of the origin of mankind from Intelligent Design to Biblical Creationism have been censored. And, it is the philosophy evolution fosters that is the source of myriad social upheavals and moral decay.


Evolution’s basic treatise lays the ground work for the belief in self as the highest standard and power. God, then,  is disregarded making way for the acceptance of destroying - without conscience - His highest creation, mankind, via abortion and assisted suicide.  Evolution’s religion, Hedonism, glorifies self. It promotes self gratification, self-serving, and the total self-indulgent philosophy that individual pleasure is the highest good and proper aim of human life. Therefore, it excuses bullying, cheating, stealing, promiscuity, same sex relationships, and more. It promotes a total disregard for civil authority and diminishes human potential as witnessed in the disappearing ability for critical thinking among its disciples.


The sad proof that this philosophy permeates the mindset of today’s teens is realized in hard statistics charting the mass exodus of 60% to 80% of young people from church after high school graduation. They have believed the BIG LIE and become its slave. It’s a choice between the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of life. 


“… today I have set before you life or death, blessing or curse. Oh, that you would choose life; that you and your children might live!”

                                   Deuteronomy 30: 19     Living Bible


Evolution is Fake Science










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