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Save the Children

It is a Battle for the Minds of Our Children

For decade’s only one view of the origin of species has been allowed in schools. As you know, children are required to attend consequently; this is no less than indoctrination and brainwashing since alternate views are banned. The church doesn’t seem to be doing much about it when we consider church attendance beyond high school by our young people rapidly declines.

Evolution is Not a Science

A strong case can be made that evolution is not an authentic science. To begin with evolution denies creationism and God when in fact the complexity of everything around us points to a created design; consider the replicating functionality of DNA. Nothing created DNA? Nowhere, at any time do evolutionists offer a scientific fact disproving God. Rather they attempt to make their case against His existence with broad generalizations like: “all genuine scientists view evolution as settled science.” “Thousands of volumes attest...” “Fossils billions of years old…” and so forth and so on. None of these arguments disprove God. And consider that we can factually state that evolution is only a theory, and is no more than, an alternate explanation of how it all began. Evolution certainly does not disprove God.

Scientists Have No Facts to Rule Out the Existence of God

Scientists do not go into their disciplines and find things proof positive that eliminates a Creator i.e. God. It is reasonable to expect that if they found such evidence weighing against God, they would share it. If they have none, then it’s not what they found that convinces them there is no God, it just proves they were biased against God from the beginning. Rather, they try to imagine how all of life came about or could have happen without God, and they have rich imaginations. Their books and research papers are no more than supposition and conjecture, yet they succeed in selling the theory of evolution (anti-God) to the public by coercion and intimidation. And yes, entire denominations buy into their lie that superstition and fables and faith are the same. And if you resist you will be seen as ignorant and poorly educated. Their bluff works. They have no science to rule out God, and, if they did, they would welcome competition; “Bring on your creation science.

Why Not Think God?

There are plenty of good reasons to believe in God and no good reasons not to. (Visit for more info.) Our children are no match for teachers who are both authority figures and role models. The very atmosphere in schools is toxic in its presentation of evolution as settled science breeding the lie that God does not exist. Children cannot be expected to successfully resist the technical onslaught of those intent on winning through intimidation. We can, with simple, easy to understand and communicate insights. Let’s show and tell why it makes sense to believe in God and be responsible before God. We can begin to do our part by spreading the word, evolution is a theory. Why not think God?

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