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I worked for NCR from 1957-1967 . The company barely made it into the top one hundred corporations in the U.S.. In 1967 NCR’s budget for research and development was twenty five million dollars. They, a relatively small industrial company, were spending a million dollars every two weeks on R&D. Wonder what the giants spent that year? Wonder what the total aggregate spending on R&D was in 1967? Wonder what the total spending world wide has been over the last fifty years?

The trillions spent from Benjamin Franklin’s kite

to the Lunar Lander is an impressive sum.

The laws of nature are knowable. They are Intelligible. The secrets are painstakingly tweaked out by brilliant and dedicated scientists who devote their lives to the task. The mysteries are there, awaiting discovery. Modern technology proves this. Just as it requires Intelligence to discover the secrets, it makes sense to ascribe Intelligence for the secrets Origin. Just as in my first class on computer programming we were taught, GIGO, which stands for “garbage in, garbage out!” In the same way, said backwards, “the Intelligence that comes out is preceded by Intelligence that went in.” Really, don’t you think a Mind is a better answer?

Creation Science cannot be rationally dismissed as “mere” Religion! You must have a bias against God for that to be acceptable to you. Only by perceiving God as bad news would anyone resist the logic.

Lord, please grant us the resolve to live our lives so others can know You Are Good News!

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