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The 21st Century David vs. Goliath

Who Is Our 21st Century Goliath?

Someone once said the meaning of life is the resolution of conflict between good and evil for the glory of God. To ignore that Christianity is in a battle for its life is to ignore what the United States has experienced over the past 100 years. Like Europe, the USA is experiencing a decline in church attendance and worst, a society that no longer knows right from wrong.

The Challenge We face defining a strategy to reverse the onslaught of the enemy by first defining who is the 21st Century Goliath. The battle fields we face are 1. Media and News (Dilute Bible Truth), 2. Education (Censorship of our Belief in God), 3. Science (Promotes evolution the gateway to atheism), 4. The Arts (Music & Movies Pollute Our Minds), and 5. Politics (Teaches Government is our Salvation). You are probably thinking those five sphere of influence are way too big for believers to defeat. That’s exactly what King Saul and his soldiers thought. But then along came David and without human reasoning and unwavering faith in God, David boldly proclaimed a victory and proceeded to kill Goliath.

Fight One Battle at a Time!

Serve the King ministries believes the greatest threat to a Godly nation begins in our schools. The constant destruction our faith in God starts with the most innocent, our children, and by the time they graduate high school twelve years of secularism, naturalism, atheism, and censorship of God from curriculum and authority is devastating. We are witnessing a spiritual Foxe's Book of Martyrs where our children are being spiritually murdered with lies and deceit right before our eyes. Our one stone is arming our youth for the battle. Youth Pastors there are David’s among you that will hurl a stone carried by the Spirit of God that will proclaim Let My People Believe! Pick Up Your Stone and Fight!

The Solution

Serve the King is a ministry to ministries helping others fulfill their God born plan for Him and hope for Humanity. In that consideration we have narrowed our fight to what we believe is the number one area where students are transformed from believers in creationism and God to evolution. Evolution is the only subject taught and allowed for the Origin of Mankind in public schools. Our children are censored from any other belief and are strongly influenced by their authorities in the classroom.

The Theory of Evolution Produces Atheism

More than 60% of church attending students graduating from school leave the church! The majority of the efforts of our pastors and youth pastors after 12 years of church teaching of God’s creationism is diluted and defeated as students conclude if we have evolved from the earth over millions of years then the creation of mankind seven thousand of years ago by God doesn’t make sense. Hence, atheism is accepted as the truth of the origin of mankind to the majority of graduating students.

First Target the Theory of Evolution with Questions!

Serve the King’s founder Don Cain has created a booklet to help students share their faith without offending judgments. They ask questions that reveal truth. The booklet is free and over 100,000 copies are in circulation around the world in over a dozen languages.

Next Support Youth Ministers with resources and media (video and social media) to boost the impact of their present and positive ministry in their community. We offer these service free of charge and will collaborate with youth ministers by listening and supporting them in their quest to fulfill their calling.

One Stone at a Time...

Join us at the 2019 Youth Summit. Call for details. Visit!

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