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Public Schools Offer Your Children Only One Choice

If today is a school day, tens of millions of children are required to be in school. If it is a public school, only one view of the origin of mankind is allowed. The only choice they have is to agree evolution is a scientific fact, which it is not, or fail. This is the very definition of brainwashing and indoctrination.

The God defying and faith destroying theory of evolution rules the world and is almost universally perceived as true. And its advocates are perceived as having tons of evidence proving their theory of evolution is scientific fact. Where is the evidence? The tens of thousands of volumes that are believed to "prove" evolution is fact does no such thing. They are all written from the perspective that nothing exists beyond the physical and natural. They do away with God right there! Before they go into the lab and make their first experiment. They offer no proof that nothing exists beyond the natural. You are expected to make this most consequential decision BECAUSE THEY SAY IT!

The Right To Ask

Do we have the right to ask “What Standards or Protocols or Criteria are

used to determine that, not God, but something else, is the Productive Cause of everything?” Not having any acceptable scientific standards reveals that the determinations made in favor of evolution and against God are biased and completely devoid of evidence, proof or facts. If this logic holds true, we need to pursue ways to make it real to others. If we can show their non-scientific bias cannot be substantiated then this revelation could bring down the Goliath-fortress so widely perceived as invincible. Can we make the case conclusively and convincingly?

How do you convince people who believe everything came from nothing and that chaos created the infinite order before our eyes, is the result of a random evolutionary process? Well... if a mindless, non-thinking, nothing created everything including evolutionaries, then what can we expect? Why do I hear John Lennon’s song Imagine playing?

Our children are being brainwashed day by day. Will you help think it through? Your thoughts? Please and thank you.

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