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Darwin's Theory Evolves into a Man Made Creative Tool of Deception & Censorship.

Welcome to the 21st century where the unrestrained mind has poisoned the well of truth; a collection of half truths and outright lies that are widely believed by the masses. The narrative runs something like this: all religions have their origins in antiquity, and are responsible for many atrocities. They insist it was science, and not the reformation, that brought us out of the dark ages. Science, based on fact opposes superstition to assure you that it won’t happen again! They put the devil’s counterfeit religions and God in the same category, and discard them both. There are many reasons to believe in God and none that justify disbelief (see “8 absurd things” Faith and superstition are radically different. Superstition is emotion based. Faith is evidence based. We drive, and eat and drink in faith. And it is evidence based, and experience confirms, it is sensible faith.

The Perception vs. the Reality.

We assume that scientists took Darwin’s new revelations and returned to their fields to test the hypotheses, and found, to no one’s surprise that all the data fit the theory. Or rather could be made to fit the theory. Put another way, each aspect of the data, WHEN VIEWED WITH AN ANTI-SUPERNATURAL BIAS, OR PERSPECTIVE, could be attributed to evolution and natural selection and not to God. They did not “prove” that evolution and natural selection were the cause, but only that they could imagine ways that it could have happened IF THERE IS NO GOD! And the world has accepted it as if it is scientific fact. The classic “con” man views his victims as “marks.” The bait is always something the mark finds very appealing; perhaps irresistible. Usually it is financial. In this case, liberty, freedom, emancipation from the restrains of religious commands! If the hook is attractively baited, the mark wants it (evolution) to be true and real. So, the con works because instead of requiring proof, the mark settles for the merely the attractive plausibility.

The Perception

The Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection is “settled science”, and that it has been settled for a long time. Assertions and conjecture are offered and accepted by the masses as proven, reliable and true. It is a Goliath that rules the world. It is a colossus, a fortress that is invincible. It has ruled for decades against all challenges. The Fact: It is a fatally flawed House of Cards. This is easily known by even a casual examination of the foundation. What must be made known is THE THEORY IS ONLY, AND NO MORE THAN, AN ALTERNATE VIEW THAT LEAVES OUT GOD. The Oxford English Dictionary is the most authoritative source of definitions in the English language. Here is their definition.

Science: “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior OF THE PHYSICAL AND NATURAL WORLD, through observation and experiment.

Science has no authority to speak outside of and beyond the Physical and Natural.

Why are their pronouncements so readily accepted? Because the marks want it to

be true that there is no God; for personal liberty!

The question must be asked: Who were these people needing an alternate explanation that leaves out God? What sort might they be? God is a fully adequate and satisfying explanation for all aspects of creation and order in life. Unless you happen to view God as bad news. We would reasonably expect the Creator God to leave his fingerprints and footprints on everything He has created. Just look around. Add to the fact that science has no jurisdiction because it is limited to the physical and natural giving us the licence to think outside the box. The enormous lack of scientific data, Physical and Natural, by those who proclaim and make the determination that “not God, but something else, is the cause of all of creation” collapses. Naturally their assertion would require protocols, standards, criteria or whatever you wish to call it. Why if no criteria existed by which to make the determination the belief in evolution would be one of mere personal preference! But we can’t have that. The pseudo foundation that holds it all up is Trust. The masses, desperately wanting the con to be true, projects Trustworthiness, Objectivity, Neutrality, the absence of any Personal Agenda, and indeed complete indifference to what the outcome may be on the con men. These would be virtuous people indeed. Do you have any reason to believe it so? Are there any signals we can use to interpret the virtue, or lack of it?

How About Censorship?

Close the door on science and use the tactics of bluff and bluster, and bullying and intimidation? If they were certain in the validity of evolutionary claims, they would welcome side by side comparisons. “Come into my lab, you sweet little fellow, and we will prove for all time that we are right and you are wrong.” “Creation Science, Intelligent Design, Specified Complexity and Irreducible Complexity” are all valid sciences, yet are derisively dismissed by the opposition. Why doesn’t this happen? Because they have no criteria by which to show that all of creation is not the result of God but is the result of natural selection.

Here are the three strikes that undo the foundation and collapse the evolutionary house of cards:

One, No Criteria.

Two, No single scientific fact they can point to that weighs against God. They have tens of thousands of books, all claiming to prove evolution, and not a single fact they can point to that weighs against God!

Three, nowhere at any time do they attempt an explanation of the origins of the Laws of Nature.

Laws require a lawgiver. The very one they are trying to do away with! If they had ANY evidence against God, it would be in every curriculum and every child could recite it!

They don’t need evidence as long as they can convince you and the children to trust them.

Next time ask them to show you the scientific proof. How long will you let them get away with it?

Any gift would be appreciated to help support the offering of materials

to individuals and ministries around the world. Thank You in advance.


Any gift would be appreciated to help support the offering of materials

to individuals and ministries around the world. Thank You in advance.

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