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Love Covers a Multitude of Sins!

The sexual revolution and the rejection of God insist that the only basis we possess for objections to growing social calamities is bias, bigotry and homophobia. They deny the validity of all objections against their agenda. It has been said "they won't care how much you know until you show how much you care." Caring to these adversaries means you always agree with them no matter what the circumstances. Where there are no absolutes (right and wrong), and no moral standards, then the concept of tolerance becomes distorted to mean that only situation ethics apply. That means values clarification (whatever you decide at the moment is right) supersedes logic and truth; then chaos and disorder are on its way.

Let us train ourselves to view all others with sympathy. The world is a broken place for all.

Picture those in need as fellow humans, beset with problems on every hand operating in a hostile world while they work and try to find a little peace and fulfillment. As the world drifts away from truth and the unseen eternal life, then fearing, longing, aspiring, being anxious, struggling and sometimes failing, leave unbelievers without victorious hope. Can we not resolve to view others with mercy and kindness? Whatever spirit we have will manifest itself. If we are condemning, it will show. If it is the love and mercy of our savior it will show. God help us!

Christians under God are commanded to love everyone! Our challenge is to present the message in a loving way that others cannot deny you care although your stand may be in conflict with theirs. There are obvious limits we must discern and oppose when presented with destructive social conduct, but I believe most unbelievers do not understand the consequences of a worldly philosophy that has no standards. We can look around and see and experience a moral crisis in our political leadership, educational system, entertainment complex, and news and media outlets. What shall our response be?

Biblical grace and truth is steak to the believer but most often indigestible to spiritual infants. Love is milk that grows God’s mercy and compassion in the unbeliever so the salvation (redemption from sin) message very often must proceeds teaching. We know that no one will achieve perfection in this life so recognizing we need a redeemer, a savior (Jesus) that is someone with power, influence and wealth that takes up our cause and pays for all our mistakes, ignorance and sins, is the first step toward peace. Arguing builds and strengthens walls with the opposition, while befriending a person with mercy and compassion brings walls down a brick at a time. Fear not the adversary, for courage is fear that has said its prayers.

Be patient and kind and in time God’s love will cover a multitude of sins. If God has replaced the penalty of the Law of Moses with the Grace and Truth of Christ’s forgiveness, then the least we should show is mercy to those in need of redemption. Most of all preach the Gospel of Our Father’s love…. and if necessary use words. God is Love! John 4:8

By Don Cain and Domenic Fusco

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