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Provocative Insights on Evolution

The theory of evolution claims to be able to explain everything without God! Yet the Oxford English Dictionary limits science to the natural and physical world! By what authority do they have to reject all origin of life concepts? Here are a few insights with which to arm yourself.

Picture in your mind’s eye, if you can, that each school year, tens of millions of children are being marched off to schools where only one view of origins is allowed. The brainwashing and indoctrination begins. The churches know this. The pastors and denominations know this. And yet it continues. Why? It’s complicated and technical. The churches response hasn’t been very effective. See these promising non-technical insights that describe and dismantle the deceit:

1. Why we are convinced evolution is true?

A. It is what we were taught by those we trusted. It is what our teachers were taught by those they trusted. And so on up the line. We all, everyone not engaged in basic research, have no hands on experience. We all take this theory on faith. Goebbels, who was Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany, said that if you repeat a lie often enough that people would believe it. This statement is sadly prophetic when it comes to evolution. It is more than 150 years old and we still have no “missing link” … in fact we have a missing chain!

B. We are easily persuaded because “No God” is perceived as “good news” to many people. It equals no accountability.

C. We don’t know what or how much, we don’t know. And may be tempted to think “If I knew what my professors know, maybe I would not believe in God either.”

This is profoundly not the case, as we shall see shortly.

2. There are two ways to look at the Theory of Evolution. First, see it as a colossal fortress sitting astride the world and ruling in the education of our children. It is an invincible stronghold, defeating all foes; dominant in science, education, government, the judiciary, the media both news and entertainment, and throughout the culture in general. This is the general perception. Second, view it as no more than an unproven, alternate explanation that leaves God out of the creation picture. With this perspective Christians can be empowered to resist.

3. Their tactics belie the bankruptcy of their “so called” science. If they really believed that evolution is “Settled Science”, as claimed, there would be no need to resort to censorship. And no need for Mafia and bullying tactics. There would be no need to list the tragic history of the atrocities of religion and then to equate religion with God and dismiss them together, as if religion and God were one and the same. No need for dissimulation that “you know, don’t you that all religions have their origins in antiquity?”

Intimidation keeps school faculty toeing the line. There is abundant evidence of numerous faculty denials of tenure for questioning the validity of the theory. Denying grant monies to any who would dare offer an alternative to this bogus theory is another favorite control mechanism. Where is the love of diversity in this hypocritical posture?

You are required to confess “Evolution is Science and Science is Evolution.” Anything less and you are a heretic and an outcast. This reaches all the way to you and me. Say anything that challenges the evolutionists and you will be stigmatized as ignorant, poorly educated and against science.

4. Truth claims. Can we know what is true? If someone says there is a Rolls Royce in the parking lot that is a truth claim. It is either true or it is not. Someone is sent to check. They report back that there is a Rolls in the parking lot. The truth claim corresponds to the reality. Someone objects: How do we know he is telling the truth? Everyone in the building goes out. They all testify that the Rolls is there. This collective answer coheres (holds together by virtue of many witnesses). There are no truth claims for evolution to be verified. If so show us.

5. We don’t need someone in a white lab coat telling us what to think. There is a great deal we can know on our own. We look at the world and see a very high degree of Order. Not at all what you would expect from a big explosion in space (or a single celled amoeba figuring out how to build DNA)! Neither is correspondent nor coherent. Not only is there Order and Organization, but it comes with great Fruitfulness and Productive output. Again not at all what we would expect from an explosion. No correspondence or coherence. Add to the Order, Organization, Fruitfulness and Productivity, a very great Diversity of things, but also an astonishing and mind boggling Complexity. Again nothing you would expect from an explosion. Correspondence and coherence both missing.

The artistry and beauty of creation point to the necessity of an Artist! Everything you would expect from a Mind. And, one astonishment after another, it is all, to a great extent Predictable, or Lawful! Not likely the outcome of an explosion. No correspondence. No coherence. Creation is, to a large extent, Understandable, Comprehensible! Who would have guessed it?

6. DNA and the denial of Intelligent Design. Can you imagine the degree of resolve it takes for a scientist committed to an irrational stake in the God denying and faith destroying theory of evolution to know the encyclopedic and intelligible information in the DNA of every living thing, and to insist that its origin is Blind, Mindless and Without Purpose or Intention? Many of the public think evolutionists are Neutral, Objective, Fair and Trustworthy and without an agenda. Who will tell them?

7. The miraculous aspects of today’s date. Kingdoms, empires, nations, states and provinces have, throughout history entered into treaties, alliances and other arrangements for commerce and for peace. Those were mostly local in nature and may have lasted only for short durations. The Roman Republic lasted four or five hundred years before becoming the Roman Empire. It lasted maybe four hundred more.

So when we find a date designation, A.D., lasting two millennia and virtually global (North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia have their own dating systems) in its reach, we can say it is unprecedented and not the result of manmade treaties.

Today’s date testifies to events in a small backwater province. It points to a miraculous birth, a sinless life of notable events ranging from supernatural healings to a mock trial, death by crucifixion, followed by a triumphant resurrection and ascension into heaven. His remarkable life is well documented, by an abundance of witnesses. It marks Jesus Christ as authentic in who He claimed to be. It validates His transformative and reliable teachings for the past, present, and future (including eternal life!)

In case you did not know, A.D. stands for Anno Domini which is Latin for “in the year of our LORD.”

8. The origins of the theory of evolution. Before Darwin, God was viewed as a perfectly valid explanation of the Origins of everything except evil. But there were some to whom God was seen as an impediment, a spoiler who prohibits the very thing they found most appealing. They set out to find an alternate explanation. Does anyone doubt that if you are not constrained to tell the truth, you would probably come up with something fabricated?

How are we to view the nature and character of men running from God? Would you trust them with your credit card or checkbook? Or with your vote? These are the ones trying to persuade you that you and everyone else are only accidents of nature.

9. With our minds eye let’s look over the shoulder of a basic research scientist. Darwin has just turned the world upside down. Multitudes of scientists have returned to their labs across the disciplines of anatomy, biology, botany, and all the way to zoology. All the processes and outcomes are being re-examined. Hundreds and thousands of decisions are being made. When the outcome of this process is fully understood it will be attributed to evolution or to God.

Our scientist is about to reach a conclusion. He hesitates... considers… and finally assigns it to evolution.

“May we ask how you made the decision?” we ask. He reflects, ponders and finally answers. “It just seems like the best answer” he says. But, we ask, “What standard or protocol or criteria did you use to justify this conclusion?” Silence, then and ever after. They have not disclosed the standard used to justify assigning creation to evolution and not to God. They don’t have one. They haven’t needed one. Speculation, conjecture and wishful thinking have been enough. Think about it. If they had a justifying standard you would expect it to be prominent in science classes on every level, in every textbook, and on every exam. We could all likely recite it.

Now we understand why there is never a side by side comparison. Not with Creation Science. Not with Intelligent Design. Not with Specified Complexity or Irreducible Complexity. Now we can understand their being forced to resort to thug tactics against all challenges.

10. The loss of Meaning. When we no longer see ourselves as image bearers of God; when we are told we are unplanned and unintended accidents of nature, there is not much meaning, significance, value and purpose left. When shooters kill, isn’t it likely they have bought into a “low” view of what it means to be human? The ensuing outcry against guns always follows. Generally speaking, the real problems are hearts without God, homes without love and discipline, schools without prayer, and courtrooms without justice; never a voice crying out to restore God to the classroom. You’d have an easier job confiscating weapons from all the gun owners, than for that to happen.

At one time or another, we have wondered about the meaning of life. The theory of evolution validates that feeling of meaninglessness. Here’s how to put that lie to rest; if humans have no meaning, then neither does anything else. It is all futile and without hope. The scientific disciplines of ecology and environmentalism attest to the significance of all things. You have meaning and value and science proves it.

11. The Origins of the Laws of Nature and of Physics are nowhere explained by evolution. I suppose the reason why is that they point to a Lawgiver! The very one they are trying to do away with. They cannot spin a convincing “origin” so they remain quiet and hope we don’t notice. Their theory is weighed in the balance and found horribly wanting.

12. Entropy is a summary term for that part of the 2nd law of thermodynamics that says everything is moving from a more ordered state to a less order state. Science books and articles emphasize “all,” and insist that “everything” is subject to this law!” The theory of evolution claims the opposite. That everything is becoming more organized and complex.

13. Evolution’s only reason for existing is to provide a plausible explanation of how things came to be - without God. It has no other purpose. They might claim it to be a more up to date way of approaching the data. But that won’t wash. It insists on leaving God out. And this decision is made before they even enter the lab!

14. What is their most convincing proof against God? Don’t they have their tens of thousands of books and research papers? Let them comb them and give us their best shot. Denying God’s existence is more absurd than trying to prove there is no gold in China! You would have to check every stream and cave, jewelry store, desk or dresser, every mouth, neck, wrist and finger and still not be able to definitively prove this silly notion. How much more ridiculous to deny the artistry, complexity, consistency, diversity, productivity, order, and organization that the Creator displays on a daily basis!

Is there convincing proof against God? I don’t think they have one. If they did, we would all know it! The evolutionists “have no clothes” when it comes to trying to debunk the Creator’s existence. He sees right thru them!

Now you have the ammo to confront the God destroying philosophy of evolution: proclaim it to your congregation. More free resources are available on

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