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Evolution is a Goliath That Rules The Whole World?

Don’t you know that Evolution has the perception of having impressively defeated all challenges including Creation Science, Intelligent Design, Specified Complexity, Irreducible Complexity and Fine Tuning? (Not true. But who knows it?) Don’t you know that these defeats have immobilized the church for decades and reduced them to fighting a holding action and defensive posture; and in full retreat and in some cases, full capitulation?

Do you really expect anyone to believe you can take down Goliath, like David did? YES we really do mean we can with a simple, easy, and fresh approach. Can we armor plate the church and the children against bogus science? YES! The very fact that government forced teaching of evolution rules the world gives it false legitimacy. It is not legitimate science, but impressionable students hear the deception so often they believe it. Why would all the scientists be wrong? Because “no God” is seen as “good news”.

Matthew 7:15 warns us to beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves (ESV). All mankind is in rebellion against God. The originators of evolution sought to explain everything without, and apart from God. The present day promoters of evolution know that highly complex processes like vision, hearing, sexual reproduction and DNA, and the origins of the laws of nature and of physics are mathematically improbable and likely impossible to be the result of random processes. Everything revolutionaries promote states it all came from nothing, without a mind, blind and have evolved without either purpose or intention. Yet they remain resolute on evolution as a science, not that it is simply a theory.

The evolutionist starting point rules out the spiritual dimension and insists that only the physical and natural world exists. The Oxford English Dictionary, perhaps the most authoritative reference book in the English, or any other language, defines and limits Science as: “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” No God or supernatural from the start! They don’t recognize that anything exists beyond the natural. And they have no science to justify it. But they believe it. And disparage and vilify those who will not go along. Don’t you wonder what their motive is to reject the possibility of creation of mankind by an omnipotent being?

They believe evolution is true science because they have been taught it was true. And by authority figures we had no reason to distrust. Our teachers had the same experience trusting what they were taught to be true. And so on up the line. Each one, without any hands on personal experience or verification, trust and believe. If you have no personal, laboratory experience, then you believe by faith. You are placing your trust in the reliability of others. You are trusting what they call scientific proof! Evidence! Upon examination it is Not! You owe it to yourself to examine the evidence. What do you have to lose?

The point and only purpose of evolution is to do away with God. That is the only reason. It offers no other advantages. It looks at the same world and the same data with the same instruments and comes to the conclusion that God does not exist! Except the decision is not a conclusion resulting from research. This insight is crucial! They begin there, start there, and then interpret the data from the perspective that since the physical and material world is all that exists, they think their task is to explain how things came to be as they are without a creative God.

Six Matters of Fact. FACT: Science by definition is limited to the physical and natural and material world; The Oxford English Dictionary. FACT: Science has not offered any evidence or proof that the supernatural does not exist. There is no conceivable way to do so. FACT: Evolution uses censorship, intimidation, stigma and a bullying exclusion for those who resist. FACT: Science offers no justifying standard explaining why they assign, not to God, but to something else. FACT: Not having a justifying standard, they cannot have a side by side comparison of competing views. So they are forced to deal with challenges by a rude and curt dismissal. FACT: The public and the church suppose that Creation Science, Intelligent Design, Specified Complexity, Irreducible Complexity and Fine Tuning were all given a fair and objective, a neutral and impartial examination and hearing, and evolution was the winner in every case. This is not true. They have no qualifying basis for saying one and not the other, is right.

They rule by intimidation, by coercion, by exclusion and terror. They rule by censoring other views. Their methods should be the “tell” that reveals the bankruptcy of their theory. Both sides live in the same world. Both sides access the same data. Both sides use the same instruments and technology. The history of the origins of the theory of evolution reveals that, although God is an adequate explanation of the creation, some quested for an alternate explanation. One without a moral component. God is the standard of right and wrong. His nature and character are the unmoving standard.

Evolution is no more than an alternate explanation that leaves out God. It has no other purpose. We might ask ourselves “who, or what kind of people would want to do away with the foundational basis for moral standards?” Would it be someone you would trust with your money? Your keys? The education of your children? They have convinced the world that to resist evolution is to go against science. And to suggest we think we know more than all the scientists. What they are really saying is to shut up and believe what you are told. Drink the koolade! We are the scientists! You can trust us! They may be experts in their field of science but they are ignorant beyond the physical. They can guess and pontificate but they have not proven that nothing exists beyond the physical world. They can’t.

Pause a moment for a Mind game. I know what time is until asked to give its definition. It can be challenging. In the same way, what is the test for truth? Something is true when it corresponds to reality. Someone says “there’s a Rolls Royce in the parking lot.” Is that true? How can we tell? We send someone to check. They return and report “it’s true!” The claim and the reality agree; they correspond. How does this work with proving God? At every point the evidence corresponds to God. Think of the following as five smooth stones. You can know a great deal on your own without being an expert in a white lab coat. There are things that cannot be denied. When we look at the world we find:

ONE. A very high degree of Order and Organization. This does not correspond to a big explosion in space. Nor to natural selection, described by them as “blind, mindless and without intention or purpose”. It does correspond to a Mind, an Intellect, to an intentional God.

TWO. Looking further we find an enormous diversity and a mind boggling complexity. This corresponds to a creative, all powerful God and not with evolution. It’s incontrovertible.

THREE. Further we see great fruitfulness and productivity corresponding with a creator and not with mindless random evolution. It’s scientifically undeniable.

FOUR. Looking further we find predictability and lawful outcomes corresponding with a God of order and rules (laws), not with evolution. If the evolutionary scientists have any ideas on the origins of the laws of physics, we haven’t heard about it. It is not that easy to spin. Laws point to a law-giver, the very one they are trying to do away with. A truth they cannot deny.

FIVE. Looking further we find perhaps the most amazing thing of all: Not only are the laws dependable, they are, to a great extent, understandable, intelligible, and comprehensible, and useful for modern technology. We might call that exquisite correspondence. They powerfully correspond to an intellect. A person; God. They don’t correspond to anything like evolution or a big explosion in space! True and authentic science reveals and confirms the existence of a creative God. So Let The Whole World Know!

Compiled by Don Cain Copyright 2020

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