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Where's the Beef?

Remember that Wendy's ad where the old lady after peering between the hamburger buns, blots out, "Where's the Beef?" That's what I think about people who cook up the story that evolution is scientific fact. Where's the Beef? What proof is provided; scientific proof? Why do they deliver us so called science without any substance? None! There is a reason.

Is there any absolute proof of evolution? I would like some proof. Where's the beef? Look at the attrition of mankind. We did not appear 7,000 to 10,000 years ago out of the blue. Where are all the millions of increments that lead to a man and a woman creating humanity? Scientists have bones of animals thousands of years older than 10,000 years yet no human incremental evidence. There are real scientific questions never answered by evolutionaries but parroted from teachers and professors, that parrot the theory from their teachers and professors. What about the dinosaur that was recently unearthed that had blood in it's veins? Can blood survive a million years? And drawings on cave walls of patterns of a dinosaur skin that is identical to skins found in frozen North China? There is something wrong with the quoted time periods for all of creation. Proof that evolution is a science has not be presented. Where's the beef?

What about DNA recent discoveries? The replication mechanism of the largest storage system know to man is liken to books piled 500 times greater than the distance between the moon and earth. And the deterioration characteristics of DNA places us only 200 generations forward before extinction? And what about the unseen emotions of creation? Try and help us understand how we were not placed here by aliens, panspermia, or God with emotional make up rather than evolved from things without emotions. Evolution is no more believable than believing in Santa Claus. Many believe in Santa Claus but guess what; his sleigh has no more possibility of placing gifts under the Christmas tree for every child in the world on December 24th than A. O. C.'s train has a chance of making it from LA to Honolulu. Where's the beef?

Evolution seems to conveniently reject God and His prescribed order, for a life of personal unrestrained liberty. Unrestrained liberty doesn't work in a family, community, country, or the world. For co-existence and harmony we must be accountable to a social structure for order. But why should mankind follow a God standard when man can choose to do what ever he likes. Belief in evolution conveniently eliminates the possibility of creation since we are a by-product of a random process evolving from nothing. It all had to begin somewhere. Didn't it?Evolutionary ignorance closes it's mind and eyes to scientific possibilities. How much more do evolutionaries sweep under the scientific table for a desired and calculated end? It seems the reason for propping up evolution as a science is an anti-God motive. They start with there is no God and contrive a theory called evolution. That doesn't make it science. Where's the Beef? Honestly we're waiting...

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