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Entropy. The Science They Cannot Deny

Entropy is the summary term for that aspect of the 2nd
Law of Thermodynamics describing the downward
flow of energy from order to disorder. There are entire books on
the subject. The authorities and all (ALL!) scientific experience
state unequivocally, and in agreement, that it applies to the entire
physical world without exception. This is the uniform experience
at all times, and everywhere.

Everything is spiraling downward from more order to disorder—

everything, with no exceptions. Except . . . EVOLUTION!

The Oxford Dictionary defines entropy as:
1. Noun (mass noun); Physics a thermodynamic quantity
representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy
for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the
degree of disorder or randomness in the system: the second law
of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time
[count noun] the sum of the entropies of all the bodies taking part
in the process.
2. lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into
disorder: a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme.
3. (in information theory) a logarithmic measure of the rate
of transfer of information in a particular message or language.
Evolutionary scientists never mention this, at least not for
public consumption. Even though the textbooks and the experience
of all the investigators in every field bear out the conclusion that
entropy affects everything, with no exceptions. They, without any
evidence of shame on their part, proclaim evolution is the answer,
while overriding this law and allowing for the universe to move
from disorder to order. Never, of course, acknowledging that this
is against all the evidence that science has gathered regarding

And therefore, it is against common sense and experience.
Ah, but when your quest to escape God is frantic enough and
desperate enough, you will believe anything no matter how great
the evidence is against it. (Spiritual blindness is also a part of it.)
The theory of evolution postulates that, starting from
nothing, literally chaos, EVERYTHING IS SPIRALING NOT
DOWNWARD, BUT UPWARD! Contrary to what you would
expect. It is not at all in line with common sense or with experience.
Think of it! Most scientists are insisting that despite all
evidence to the contrary, they have found something, not just
something, but the very process that tries to explain everything, I
mean EVERYTHING…in their flight from God!
Do they have any evidence for their contention that nothing
exists beyond the physical? No. But “we’re scientists.” “You can
trust us. Look at our white lab coats! We have given you modern
technology! You owe us! How about some respect! Distrust means
disrespect. And we’ve earned it!” Besides in your (unrepentant)
hearts, you know it is good news!

We’ve already seen that evolution offers no explanation of
the origins of the laws of physics, in an earlier chapter. Modern
technology depends on God’s laws of physics, the very One who
evolutionists are trying to escape. (Evolutionists use the boundaries
made possible by God’s laws, to resist Him, and mislead hundreds
of millions of people! Shame!)

Review and Reflect
As we have seen, evolution is believed for a wide variety
of reasons. I suspect for most people it is the default position…
something they haven’t given much thought. The scientists believe
it; the world accepts it, and, they think “I don’t see how it affects
me that much.”

When you consider that by far the most consequential
decision anyone will ever make involves whether or not God
exists, and sent His Son to save us both for now and eternity. If
the potential consequences were small, you might not put much
thought into the decision. But the “God question” entails who
you are... a cosmic accident, or made by your Creator in His

It involves whether your significance is monumental or
trivial. It involves whether you have much meaning, significance,
purpose value and dignity, or if you are just a cosmic accident with
very little in the way of value, dignity, significance and so on. And,
of course, where we will spend eternity is part of the equation!
And when trouble comes, when pain and suffering comes,

when your need is great—is there any hope? In what? In Whom?
The world is too distracted to even consider it.
You can help.


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