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In the beginning God created... If you don't believe that what else don't you believe in the Bible?

Simple isn't it. The Bible is the Judeo-Christian manual for our Faith. The Judeo-Christian religion is the only religion that uses prophetic words from God to tell His believers what is to come before it happens.

Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals

His secret to His servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

Through Daniel He foretold of the empires to come: Babylonian. Medes Persian, Greek, and Roman Empire, and the year Jesus would come and what He would do for mankind. Isaiah 53 tells us how God would redeem His creation and through John the Revelator how it will end.

The God of the Bible lives outside of time. His prophetic words prove no man could have written what we find from Genesis to Revelation. For instance God used the names of the first 10 patriarch in Genesis to foretell the coming of the Messiah, Jesus. It is impossible to conceive these names could have been originated by men over a 1000 year period to bring this message to His followers.

Patriarchs Name Meaning In Hebrew

Adam Man

Seth Appointed

Enosh Mortal

Kenan Sorrow

Mahalel The Blessed God

Jared Shall Come Down Enoch Teaching

Methuselah His Death Shall Bring

La Mech The Despairing

Noah Comfort, Rest

What else can be said to encourage you to believe in God and creation. The Bible is full of hope, provision, protection, peace and a future plan for you that is prosperous. Evolution assumes you are a by-product of some mindless, deaf, blind creature that crawled out of the order less mud that came from nothing. This is a violation of real science to deny entropy, that is, everything goes from order to disorder. Yes even human life goes from order to disorder - death. Heaven or darkness awaits each of us. Our choice.

Be armed with facts and logical concepts that will help you overcome the deception of the greatest scientific hoax in history: Evolution. This book is a must resource for combating the Godless philosophical fruit and its impact on the world. In the beginning God created... Evolution did nothing, came from nothing, except deceive those with little scientific knowledge to believe somehow disorder created order. Impossible in the real world. Evolution has its popularity with those who are running from God. Get this book and help them understand in plain English the truth. What's your mission? Join Ours.

Our Mission is to equip you to be a bold and confident

witness against the theory of evolution.

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