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Millions of Fossils; No Transitional Forms

Evolutionists want you to believe that the fossil record is

proof of the validity of evolution. There are millions of

fossils in the museums and universities around the

world that purport to prove evolution is both valid and

scientific: this is held forth as a proof of the theory of evolution.

A great deal of scholarship and earned credentials testify that

this is the case and this is where the discussion is to end. You

are to accept without question that it is as the experts say, that

evolution provides all the answers, and that all the real scientists

are evolutionists and you should just shut up with all your God

talk. Is this really the case? Do the fossil collections anywhere

exhibit a fossil that is transitional in nature; a fossil that is part

bird and part fish, or any other combination of transition from

one species to another? Rest assured we would have all seen the

pictures if they had any! Not even one. If that is the fact, then

they have not made their case that evolution has successfully

replaced God and is indeed the answer we must all put our trust in!

The decision to be made about whether or not to believe in

God and His Son is by far the most consequential one that anyone

will ever make. With God out of the picture we do not have much

in the way of dignity, value, significance, meaning or purpose.

Yeah we have some dignity, value, significance, meaning or

purpose, lasting perhaps seven or eight decades. And then we are

gone, and a hundred years from now, with God out of the picture,

it won’t matter that you ever existed.

And what about now, right now when trouble comes? With

God out of the picture, you must face it. No help now, and no help

later! And when God’s reality is proven, and you are yet rebellious,

you face eternity alone. No God means, in the final analysis, no

hope. And when someone stronger is tempted to take advantage

of you, or even worse, someone you love, if they believe there

is no one keeping score, they may find scant reason to resist the


It is not a good thing that many in society who do not believe

in God and His standards, find little reason to resist the opportunity

to take advantage of you, or someone you love! Someone pays.

You pay. If evolution is the reality, the first law for everyone is

survival of the fittest. And we must live by the law of the jungle.

That’s your habitat when evolution is believed.

And yet they insist that the fossils prove evolution. The

absence of transitional forms reveals that it is a lie. They know

that. They don’t care. Pray for them. And tell the kids!

Review and Reflect

Can you help others see that it is no small thing to leave God out?

Thousands of Books

The existence of thousands of books in the universities and

libraries are claimed as proof for evolution. However, the authors

begin with the assumption that nothing exists beyond the natural

physical world. They don’t know that. There is no conceivable

way to prove it, so they ignore that fact and write their books with

the assumption, but no proof of what they teach.

Evolutionists want you to believe that the thousands of

books written by them “prove” that evolution is valid. The

universities and research labs across the world have many

volumes covering the various aspects of evolution. All written by

experts who know more than you! We should say they are written

by so-called “experts,” with daunting and impressive credentials

that are supposed to certify that they know what they are talking

about. They uniformly and in lock step declare that the theory of

evolution is no longer just a theory, but has, by virtue of near

unanimous support across the scientific community, become, and

is now, settled science!

They claim that “micro” evolution “proves” macro evolution.

Micro evolution is minor adaptations within a species that are a

response to local conditions. This happens over relatively short

periods of time, and is observable. They want you to believe these

minor adaptations within a species validate “macro” species to

species evolution that occurs over millions of years. Again, they

have no proof among the millions of fossils. It is a faith position.

So what are we to do in the face of that? This is a main

part of the reason that evolution sits astride the globe, ruling

and dominating in education, government, law, culture, and in

the media, both news and entertainment. And dare we raise our

hand and object? Who in the face of such scholarship would dare

to object?! And it is intimidating to raise our hand to even ask a

question. To question is seen by them as a challenge, a threat. And

they can’t allow that! Who knows where or to what it might lead?

Evolutionists make all kinds of claims that they offer no proof

for. They say things like “Science is Evolution and Evolution is

Science.” And “all reputable scientists are evolutionists.” And “to

reject evolution is to make the claim that you are smarter than all

the scientists.” And “superstition and faith are very much alike.”

And, “you know, don’t you that all religions have their origins

in antiquity.” And they bamboozle us with a whole lot more. Of

course no one person has read all the books claiming that evolution

is true. But we can begin to discern the pattern. The books all start

with, and assume the validity of evolution and go on from there.

Nowhere do they offer justification of why evolution is a better

answer than God. (See chapter 1.)

They start on the faulty foundation that nothing created

everything! Crazy! That is the fundamental reality of the matter.

The real question that begs to be answered is “Tell us why evolution

is the better answer?” And they don’t venture an opinion. And they

don’t offer evidence. And they don’t have any proof that evolution

is valid.

And the reason is they have no objective, independent

standard, or protocol or critique by which they can justify the

decision to reject God, and assign the source of all life to something

else (See chapter 1). So the thousands of books are not a threat to

your faith in God when you understand they have no evidence

against God. If they had any, you can bet we would all know it!

Review and Reflect

How have they managed to get away with it?


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