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Order Without Standards (Chapter Five)

by Don Cain

You and I and the person down the street have been carefully taught to believe that at the inception we are to think of all the scientists returning to their labs to reevaluate the evidence for evolution. Not So. Let’s picture ourselves looking over the shoulder of one of the scientists. He is considering a process of the origin of life occurring naturally and the outcome of the process. He will make the decision to attribute its complexity without sufficient evidence to God, or to something else. He is very methodical, taking all the time he needs. Finally, he arrives at his decision. The outcome will not to be attributed to God, but to something else. We raise our hand. May we ask a question? Why did you attribute, not to God, but to something else? He considers, reflects and finally says “It just seemed like the best decision.” That’s it you say? You mean you do not have a set of objective and external protocols or standards that validate your decision? Don’t you know that without some kind of objective standard to conclude assigning, not to God, but rather to something else, it could be just your personal preference! You are telling us to trust you with the most important life or death decision anyone can ever make. And to trust you without any evidence!

Think of it! Down through the years, thousands of scientists have rendered their decisions against God and for something else in all the disciplines from Agronomy to Zoology, and everything in between; all without an objective justifying standard. Can this be true? Can they build a citadel on a lie? Where have they ever disclosed their objective, justifying standard? If they had scientific evidence wouldn’t it be in every textbook, from the lower grades through graduate school?

Wouldn’t it be on every test or examination? Wouldn’t we all be able to quote it from memory? In fact without a concrete set of standards, rules are conveniently changed to support their conclusion. This process is called values clarification.

If scientists do not have a justifying standard then that would explain why the necessity for mob tactics must be applied to win the argument. If what you are promoting is true, and you can prove it, there would be no need to quarantine and censorship other views. The God answer could be conclusively shown to be superior and accurate when placed along “modern science”. They don’t do that. Why don’t they? They don’t have a rational basis for proving the “not God” answer is valid! Rather, a disparaging dismissal is the response. They malign and castigate anyone not going along with the official evolutionary story. The world and especially the church thinks the competing views of Creation Science, of Intelligent Design, of Specified Complexity and Irreducible Complexity were given a fair and impartial side by side comparison to evolution and evolution won hands down. This is not the case. Not having an objective justifying standard, they have no basis for comparison. They must rule by intimidation. Again, there would be no need for mafia tactics if they could prove their case with true science.

And finally, would you, knowing in advance that someone having the character and inclination to deny the existence of God and the behavior expected from a believer to trust any final accounting, knowingly let them have access to your car keys, your house keys, your bank account, or the education of your children? No. No standard breeds no trust.

Sending our children unarmed and unprepared each day into hostile territory can now come to an end. Read on for rational and logical alternatives that prepare you and your children, not so much to win arguments, but to individually and personally resist the relentless indoctrination and brainwashing.

Let’s face it. The world and much of the church believe that the theory of evolution deserves respect. To deserve respect would be to grant that it has a measure of plausibility. We’ll look at some absurd things evolutionists have to believe in the following chapters. Disbelievers never seem to want to grow up, like Peter Pan in Never Neverland. They live in rebellion against all the ultimate authority, God, not because of scientific facts but their desire to live unrestrained by rules and standards.

Review and Reflect: It should now be self-evident to you that:

The original evolutionists were fleeing God. They did not make up their minds against God based on what they learned, rather having made up their minds rejecting God and searching for an alternate explanation that leaves out God. The absence of God requires that you believe NOTHING CREATED EVERYTHING an absurdity. If their “evidence against God” did exist they wouldn’t need censorship, control, or the need to resort to mob tactics or intimidation. But they do.


The above blog is an excerpt from the Book It's a Hoax Folks. It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. It's a Hoax Folks offers non-technical explanations for their deceptions. Visit for more.


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