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Really Good News! You Are Loved

Chapter Eight

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption as His child. And by Him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

Romans 8:15

What is that foreign word doing in my English Bible?

When the King James Version was translated in 1611,

And they came to the word Abba

(Hebrew/Aramaic origin and even used today in Israel), they knew

That the literal translation was “Daddy” or “Papa,”

They were overwhelmed at the idea of addressing

The Author of all Creation in such an intimate way.

After much consternation and debate the decision

Was made to not translate it, but to transliterate it.

And it stands today as Abba, Father.

You and I should take courage that our God looks on us in the most intimate of terms. He Is Our Papa, our Daddy.

Rejoice and triumph in it!

God is good news and Jesus is God in the flesh. He is the God of love. Not the wretched caricature of the god of the evolutionist’s feverish imagination that must be fled from at any and all costs. If your decision to disbelieve is rooted in the deep resolve of the will, then it is unlikely that any thing you learn will change that. But if you can be open to the possibility that God is Good News, put your brain in gear and let’s have an adventure!

“Gospel” means good news. The good news is, among other things, that even though God knows every wrong choice you and I have ever made, He loves us still! That is great good news.

  • God says: That Christ died for you!

  • God says: That He doesn’t have anything against you!

  • God says: That your sins were dealt with by the death of the Savior!

  • God says: You are lost and under His curse, but you don’t have to remain that way!

  • God says: You do not have to deal with His justice and face Him in judgment!

  • God says: He loves you and He has broken down all the barriers between you and Him, and you can come to Him boldly on the grounds of His Grace! And there is more, and it gets better and better!

Contrast this with what the Devil wants you to believe.

  • Satan says: God hates you!

  • Satan says: This whole salvation thing is a trick to rob you of your freedom!

  • Satan says: Yeah it can look good, but there’s a catch. The biggest catch of all!

Everything that you like to do is forbidden by God, and there’s no proof, It’s all pie in the sky bye and bye! The deep resolve of unbelievers shows that they do not know the Good News. Rather, the father of lies, Satan, has convinced them that the very best news that could ever be, is not good news at all. That it is some kind of trap, a deception to rob them of their freedom!

In Eden the temptation was “you will be like God, knowing good from evil.” That has come to mean enslavement or a loss, a deception so great that men will believe the most absurd, preposterous things in their frantic flight from God. Like what? Like “Nothing created everything!” And a whole lot more.

And when evolutionists don’t accept God, when the case they are trying to make against God is weak, and they feel the temptation to fudge or to embellish the evidence. They have decided that there is, after death only nothingness. (They have no way of knowing this, but believe it anyway!) With no One in charge, why should we be surprised if, having little reason to resist the temptation, they give in, and try to make their case dishonestly?

This would help explain the rage expressed when anyone dares to challenge the reigning view. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.” The truth can afford to be kind and considerate. The lie must defend itself by any means available. Not allowing any challenge to avoid being slapped down. It works. You don’t see them giving ground anywhere, do you?

What freedom?

What is this vaunted freedom the evolutionist seeks?

Aren’t we already free?

Can’t I do most anything I choose right now without rebelling?

Clearly there are a great many things open to us to do that are in themselves O.K. Other things, not so clear.

What makes one thing all right to do and another thing wrong? And who gets

to decide? Who says?

God Is the Unmoving Standard

Unless there is an unmoving standard of right and wrong, good and bad, then everything is pretty much up for grabs. That would render all acts subjective, meaning to be decided on individually, and varying from person to person. God is the unmoving standard for right and wrong. This is the reason for trying to get rid of God! Is the evolutionist correct to protest? What is behind God’s provision of rules and limits on behavior?

The cosmos is under the authority of God’s laws and therefore operates in orderly and predictable ways. This makes science and modern technology possible. On a personal level we can go our own way at our peril. If you abuse alcohol, it may be a while before the consequences begin to reveal themselves. On the other hand, violate the law of gravity from your rooftop and the consequences are immediate.

God’s laws and prohibitions are for our safe paths through life; through the jungles, swamps and deserts of life. When God says “don’t,” He is saying “Trust Me, don’t hurt yourself and others!” The laws are an expression of His loving concern for us. The laws are our friends. Trust God and live and thrive!

The disbeliever’s focus on “freedom” is such that he doesn’t realize that, with God out of the picture, he is no longer a being “made in the Image…”, but only an accident of nature. His “freedom” is costing him the loss of God as the foundational basis for his dignity, self-worth, value, significance, and any basis for Hope. (What a poor “trade.”) And it is likely he will see others this way as well.

When pain and suffering come, as they eventually do, without God, he, the disbeliever himself, has no meaning, but the pain and suffering, though very real, are also meaningless and therefore, without hope, when God is out of the picture. Those losses are a very considerable price to pay for this vaunted “freedom.” Which, at best can be ‘enjoyed’ for only seven or eight decades?” That is definitely not a good trade!

Consider: Evolution’s denial of God pretends to be based on authentic science. And it is received as GOOD NEWS. It would not be seen as pretense if they could offer even one fact of evidence that weighed against God. They give the impression they have tons. That the theory is now “settled science.” Yet they never tell us what the strongest evidence against God is. Only smoke and mirrors stuff about “billions of years” and “scientists all agree” …and the truth is, they don’t have any. And many scientists are people of faith, in God. And reject evolution.

Don’t you think that if unbelieving scientists had even a single scientific fact proving God does not exist, they would make sure we all knew it?!

Review and Reflect:

Consider the beautiful and protective applications of God’s 10 Commandments. How they have protected us and others in so many ways over the centuries! Conversely, these laws have revealed man’s capacity for evil, strongly pointing to our need for the Savior. And how, if everyone lived by New Testament standards, it would almost be heaven on Earth.


The above is an excerpt from the book Evolution The Art of Concealment. It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. Evolution The Art of Concealment offers non-technical explanations for their deceptions. Visit for more.


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