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The Fish Tank Experiment (Chapter Three)

I read of an experiment involving a largemouth bass in a fish tank at a research lab. The tank had been fitted with slots so that a glass pane could be inserted dividing the tank into two separate compartments. In the beginning, the fish had the full range of the tank. When live minnows were put into the tank, the bass would pursue and catch and eat them. After a suitable time of conditioning, the glass pane was inserted creating two sections. The glass appears transparent, not being detectable under the water. They allowed a period of time for the fish to adapt to the new, restricted limitations and then put a minnow on the other side of the glass from the bass. Lunch, the bass thought, and not being aware of the glass sped forward only to hit the glass head-on. Ouch! Confusion set in. The bass gives it a second try but this time a little more tentatively, so it did not hit the glass as hard this time around. Boom again! After repeated attempts, the fish gives up. In his mind, that minnow is just not possible for him. And here’s where it gets interesting. They remove the glass barrier and the minnow swims freely around the fish. No response. It is as if the fish decided “that minnow is just not in the realm of possible lunch for me!”

Here’s the point of the story. I think many Christians, pastors and denominations have given up on the battle against the faith destroying and God denying theory of evolution. And no wonder, we’ve had our heads handed to us on a platter with every engagement. A couple of generations ago, Christians who were also scientists offered what has become known as Creation Science as an alternative to the theory of evolution. “You are trying to teach religion in the science classroom, and we won’t stand for it” the secularists protested! Later on others proposed the approach of Intelligent Design. Same result. Still later others proposed Specified Complexity as an argument for God and against evolution. Again possibility thinking was castigated and defeated. Most recently the theory of Irreducible Complexity was shot down. So it is no wonder that we cower before the theory of evolution. The defeats of the past still linger and still hurt.

So it is time for a new kind of warfare. Not so much against the establishment so to speak, but for the minds of the people and the children that are offered simple and nontechnical insights that are self-evident and easily grasped and passed along. Can we deliver? Spectacularly, we believe. This is our aim. Read on.

Review and Reflect: Can you begin to see the promise of a fresh approach? Let’s equip the church!


The above blog is an excerpt from the Book It's a Hoax Folks. It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. It's a Hoax Folks offers non-technical explanations for their deceptions. Visit for more.


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