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This Generation Locks Their Doors. We Never Did.

The philosophical migration from a Biblical World view in the 1950's in the USA to today's Progressive World view unfortunately reveals a downward societal transformation toward violence, hate, and class warfare. It is the result of the competitive evolutionary philosophy of survival of the fittest replacing the Biblical teachings of being our brothers keeper and caring for the weak. It is the result of God being replaced with evolutionary science, hence no need for God. Here are other changes that have crept in over the past 50 plus years and molded a world we did not expect:

The schools are looking more and more like prisons. They

have security fencing with controlled access along with

metal detectors and uniformed security guards. What happened?

How has it come to this? Sociologists might point to a number of

factors, but none are more significant than the natural outcomes of

the exclusive teaching of the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution led to the dictates of the Supreme

Court banning the display of the Ten Commandments in schools

and other public buildings. And why not! “Science” had succeeded

in banishing God from the minds of the people and the public

square. And, if no “God” then no Eden and no “fall!” Mankind

has not fallen as the primitives believed, but was on the ascendant.

And, with the help of science and modern technology, ascend to the

paradise so longed for. Who needs God? We can do it ourselves!

That is the political vision to this day. When we are convinced that

we have descended (ascended? from apes, or other animals,

why should we be surprised when some of us begin to act that way!

When you are convinced that there is no God, that there is no

originator of rules and laws beyond other mere humans, why

the surprise when some challenge your right to make rules for others?

If you are what has come to be called an “alpha male” and

you are powerful and skilled at forcing your will upon others, why

not? Isn’t that the norm in the animal kingdom, from whence we

supposedly all emerged? And who gets to decide what’s right and

wrong when all laws are from mere men, who are just like you and

our legislators, who are likewise indoctrinated, scoff at the ancient

wisdom and make up the rules as they go along.

Some have tried to justify homosexuality on the grounds

that it is observed among animals. Cannibalism is also observed

in nature. Point made.

Dr. Spock scorned the ancient wisdom of “Folly is bound up

in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it from

him.” (Proverbs 22:15, ESV) He equates physical punishment

with “hitting the child” and with bullying. So the children enter

first grade, many of them from broken homes, and they have

never been subdued in their entire lives. Teachers must abide by

regulations thought up by others, and are not allowed to meet the

child’s needs, that is, of correction and molding and shaping them

into productive members of society, and the child endures 12 years

of forced attendance—and never once is quelled or subdued.

Entering, or trying to enter the workforce, they are mystified!

The style and conduct and behavior that served them well, so far,

is not acceptable in the workplace. The market is ruthless and

entrepreneurs must do their very best to compete, and a well trained

and responsive staff is a de rigueur requirement.

Criminal justice suffers from leaving God out of the picture.

Incarceration is very expensive and it is “cruel.” The ancient

wisdom provides for humane corporal punishment but this has

been eliminated as inhumane. You could make the case that

imprisonment and solitary confinement is also inhumane, and

expensive...and the recidivism rate shows, not very effective.

Proverbs 22:15 says,

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child but the

rod of correction will drive it far from him.

God’s way is better, but we need to feel good about ourselves.

Early on, sometime before high school, we were likely told

that evolution was the scientific explanation for how things are,

and that God was the religious explanation. And it went downhill

from there. We are led from “science is modern and tangible,”

to “God is a pre-scientific concept that no one has seen for a

while.” Beliefs have consequences. I either saw or heard about a

photograph of a bear eating the carcass of a deer and a skunk was

eating with him. Now the bear will not share his dinner with any

other and is powerful enough to enforce that against all others.

Except the skunk! Why? The cost is too great. The courage

to speak against evolution can be very costly. They have made it so.

It is man-made rules that contend against scriptural corporal

punishment, administered with restraint and mercy that require

chain link fences and uniformed guards and metal detectors at

schools. Sufficient and appropriate on the spot discipline were

adequate in the past. Have you seen on the news several policemen

required to take into custody one person? It is because they operate

under rules that they must not inflict any discomfort on anyone

taken into custody.

Why does it take a squad of police to arrest one suspect?

Why the chain link fence at school? It is because the cost of

disobedience is not great enough. Raise the costs of disobedience

and lower the costs to taxpayers of compliance.

Apply the “board of education to the seat of learning.”

Biblical standards work better than evolution’s answers.

Review and Reflect

Do you see how not upholding an unmoving standard of right

and wrong, has brought us downward to a destination

that leads to the dark side? Resist the devil and he will flee.

Stand up for the Faith and get involved.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Here are weapons needed to defeat evil. Click here


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