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What We Don’t Know Doesn’t Have to Defeat Us

Chapter Nine

When you think about it, what we don’t know is much greater than what we do know. So, when scientists present the theory of evolution to you, and they tell you it is science, and if you don’t go along, you are in effect saying that you are smarter than scientists; the pressure is on.

This is where the liberal churches find themselves. They realize the case is being made by those with impressive credentials, and that church people are not trained to challenge scientific claims, they cave and go along with the faux science on evolution, and try to salvage as much of the gospel as they can.

After a century of compromise and capitulation there is not much of the gospel left. And not many “liberal” churches either. How about you? Do you have the credentials to question what many scientists insist are the valid answers to the questions of origins?

As a mental exercise put your palms together with hands out stretched; now open so your hands are extended to either side. Let this represent how much we know. Now move your hands to the rear, behind your back. Let this represent how much we do not know. Now, in all that we do not know, it can be tempting to wonder if the God denying scientists are right. Would we, (we wonder) believe just like the scientists if we knew as much as they do? Good question. The answer is no one knows everything. But we can analyze what we do know and come to a conclusion. Let’s try. So what do we do? Do we agree that only the men in the white lab coats have the authority to tell us what to think? I don’t think so!

Yogi Berra famously said: “You can observe a lot by just looking!” When my granddaughter was small she enjoyed telling me the way to eat an elephant. One bite at a time! Can we break it down into bite sizes? Philosophers generally agree the first question is “why is there something rather than nothing?” You and I can go out into the world and, without the help of someone in a white lab coat, and learn some basic things without their assistance. And see if we can decide for ourselves what makes sense and what is absurd conjecture and speculation.

(A brief review and reiteration)

  • First, everywhere we look the world exhibits a great deal of order and of organization. What or who produced that complexity: God or something else?

  • Second, adding to the order and organization we find an enormous diversity of things, and all having great complexity. Wonder why? God or something else?

  • Third, to the order and organization, and the complexity and diversity we find fruitfulness and productivity. Why would that be? God? Or something else?

  • Fourth, with the order and organization, and the diversity and complexity, along with the fruitfulness and productivity, we find a measure of inter-relatedness and inter-dependability. Why should it be so? God? Or something else?

  • Fifth, there is a reliability and dependability in the system of things. Water always boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level but everywhere and always. Wonder why? God? Or something else?

  • Sixth, there is predictability in everything we can observe. God or something else?

  • Seventh, the dependability and predictability point to a set of laws that govern globally. Wonder why? God? Or something else?

  • Eighth, the most remarkable discovery of all is that these Laws are intelligible and discoverable and knowable! Why? How can this be?

It is explainable in one of two ways. It is the result of a big explosion in space, or from God.

Now, if you have no agenda to do away with God, it is an easy step to conclude that it is all a result of an Intelligent, Purposeful, Infinite and Personal Being; God, the God of the Bible.

That is not much of a stretch at all. However, if your view of God is so terrible then you will grasp at any straw, believe any absurdity and take any risk to avoid that terrible outcome, you need to come up with an alternate explanation. Precisely what the theory of evolution purports to be. And the only reason to believe, the only need for the theory - is to escape God!

Have mercy on them. Pray for them. And do everything you can to destroy confidence in the theory of evolution!

Review and Reflect: The very scientists who deny the existence of anything beyond the physical and material, even though there is no conceivable way to test or to prove it, still have the temerity to pontificate to us against God! They may have a measure of persuasive success inside the bounds of their guilds. But not with us having been informed of them being limited to the physical and natural. Beyond that, as modern science and technology testifies, they choose to ignore the Truth manifested in all creation.

All the evidence points to God. Don’t you know that if they had a shred of proof or of evidence against God, they wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. You are wise to question their pronouncements.


The above is an excerpt from the book Evolution The Art of Concealment. It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. Evolution The Art of Concealment offers non-technical explanations for their deceptions. Visit for more.


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