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There' No Basis in Science for Disbelief in God

Authentic science exists alongside junk science. Authentic science is supported by facts, junk science by supposition, conjecture and theory. Authentic science is limited to the physical and natural world. Any reality beyond the natural is not the sphere of science authority. Pronouncements on God and the super natural are beyond the scope of their experience and by definition are only speculation and conjecture.

You realize, don't you, that if authentic science is limited to the physical and natural world, there can be no scientific basis for disbelief in God. Therefore disbelief is based on something in the realm of the unseen. What? Authentic science leaves room for God. Science that teaches against God without giving the possibility of God’s existence or a single, most convincing bit of evidence supporting that conclusion is not authentic science.

If then science begins with the assumption that only the physical exists and excludes the non-physical, the non tangible, and specifically denies the spiritual and transcendent then it is disqualified from being credible, objective science and is junk science. For Disbelief in God

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