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Evidence of God

When someone says the evidence for the existence of God is absent or not very compelling, you may wonder how much time they have spent thinking or researching any evidence of His existence, especially if they initially believed in God. Maybe God is too restrictive with rules and what seems to be Bad News.

If your friends would judge you negatively as a science denier and as superstitious and naïve as one who disbelieves in God because of “lack of evidence,” you might provoke them with the following:

  • · Have you considered the massive array of Order and Organization and Functionalities readily evident with just a casual look at the world of nature?

  • · Have you considered the enormous Diversity of living things? Or the mind-blowing Complexity of living things (DNA), or the invisible Structure of inanimate things, such as the atom?

  • · Or the Predictability and Dependability of natural processes like the seasons and tide charts and eclipses?

  • · Or the Learnability, Understandability, and most importantly DISCOVERABILITY that led to Modern Technology, Modern Transportation and Communication, Medical, Dentistry, and who knows what else?

These all, individually and collectively, do not point to “a big explosion in space, nor to natural selection which by definition is Blind, Mindless and Without Purpose or Intention! A single branch of science alone refutes that nonsense. The entire scientific establishment of Ecology testifies that living organisms intentionally work in harmony in a delicate and threatened balance.

This massive body of evidence powerfully points to a Mind and not to a “big bang”. And this mind would need to be Omniscient to conceive the array of the universe, the Cosmos, with its magisterial governing laws of physics. And having conceived it, it would need to be Omnipotent to have hung it all upon nothing! And the Supervision and Maintenance of it all would require Omnipresence.

That sounds like Our Father.

(Everything is free except one book.)


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