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The Church will lose two thirds of their youth upon graduation from high school!

Stop the Discussion

The youth in your congregation have no choice to believe what you've been teaching them once they attend public school. The separation of church and state is the progressive battle cry to blatantly resist any discussion of the belief in God. But that’s only where it begins. Public school curriculum goes beyond teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. They have become social change agents breeding students with the dangerous philosophy of values clarification and situation ethics. No absolutes. No real right or wrong. If it feels good, do it!

Censor Their Choice

The real battle ground for our children’s minds and morality is the pseudo science of evolution. After twelve years of; there is no scientific reason to believe in a God, we’ve evolved” what do you expect your children to believe? All we see with our eyes, our telescopes, and our microscopes is all there is! No Creator. Your children are given only one choice. That choice is evolution.

The Result of Public School Censorship

What we hear over and over we think about. What we think about often we begin to believe. And what we believe we become! Atheism is the fruit of the deadly seed of evolution we have planted in our children's minds in public school. Statistics say the church will lose two thirds of their youth upon graduation from high school or college as a result of believing the evolutionary, pseudo science, promoted and demanded to be accepted by those educators in positions of authority. Those few students who believe in creationism stay in the church after graduation.

Save the children! Show them how to counteract the false propaganda they have been censored to believe. We have a tool that will help you arm your youth with the truth... and it's FREE. NO cost. We even pay for shipping. Over 100,000 copies are being used around the globe: available in over a dozen languages. Save the Children… Save your Children.

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