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Nothing Exists Beyond the Five Senses

Scientists who decide not to believe in God insist the material world is all that exists. That nothing exists beyond the five senses. That there is no spirit world, hence, no God. At first it seems to make sense. If you can’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell “it”, how could you ever know “it” exists?

So, believing they have done away with the possibility of anything existing that is immaterial and not tangible, they conclude that “science” has ruled God out of the picture. But is that all there is to it? Isn’t the room we are in filled with things we can know are there without being detectable by the five senses? There are radio waves and TV waves and cell phone waves. And magnetic lines of force pointing toward the North Pole. And at the coast, tides come in and tides go out. All of which are intangible to the five senses. Yes, they reply. But with our instruments we can detect and discern them all. We rest our case. Nothing provable exists beyond the physical, material world. Therefore, No God.

And this is where we are. Where we have been for a long time. Men in white lab coats brandishing their scholarship and credentials saying “trust us”. We will lead you into the light.

And yet we all know there is a reality beyond the five senses. We all have a very rich treasury of memories that are not tangible to the five senses, but nevertheless very real. Our thoughts are real. Though intangible. Scientists use and depend on thinking to formulate theories and to test and either verify or falsify those theories. Thoughts are real. Emotions are real. We love and hate. Like and dislike. Worry and fret. And more.

We all have a sense of values, a sense of right and wrong. A sense of duty, of purpose, of significance and meaning. And more. These values are real and intrinsic to all of us. We may disagree and vary in degree about which view or which action is appropriate, or the proper one. But our humanity, our being made in God’s image, gives us a sense of right and wrong. These values are a reflection of the objective truth of God’s nature, or character, or essence.

So here is a body of real, objective evidence that cannot be denied. At least it cannot be denied without dire consequences, as even a casual look at our world today reveals. With God out of the picture there is no unmoving standard of right and wrong. So we have reasonably concluded that truth is relative and not absolute. That what may be true for you, may not be true for me. And what may be true for me, may not be true for you. So let’s agree, I won’t try to tell you how to live, and you do the same for me. You know, “we only go around once – so grab all the gusto you can!”

They do have a point. But only if God is out of the picture. With no unmoving standard of right and wrong, because no God, no unmoving standard, each gets to do what is right in his own eyes. And, they say, no one gets to judge others. Can this be why the culture has descended into chaos? Scripture warns “The time will come when men call evil, good. And good, evil.” (Isaiah 5:20) So, where do we go from here? Can you see how God in the picture clears things up? How, viewing all creation as from God, we have the necessary unmoving standard that is lost when we consider only the material world. I suspect we all know this on a most basic and fundamental level whether we admit it or not.

Can you see how the world needs to know, to realize that God In The Picture is Good News? Not bad news as the God deniers insist. Do you see how God provides not only the Unmoving Standard so necessary in knowing how to live, and as His image bearers we are endowed with Meaning and purpose and value and significance and hope, and a future with Him! Who will go to our friends and families and neighbors and co workers with this good news? They have largely been educated and conditioned by the world to not have God in their thinking. And when they do, conditioned to regard that as Bad News. And in some cases, Very Bad News. They have been told only the material world exists. Can you help them see the simple truths? Can even a child understand of the reality beyond the five senses? And some would argue for a “sixth sense,” An intuition that helps us interpret and sort data, in order to survive and thrive in life.

You can help them have valid reasons to resist temptation, and taking advantage of others. Can you grasp the hopelessness of not believing in God? No hope. No help. No meaning. No purpose, and on and on. You can’t tell everyone. But you can tell someone. You can begin to Let The Whole World Know.

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Let your light shine for Jesus.

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