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Ripley’s Believe It or Else

The theory of Evolution is forced upon society at large by the Goliath's of communication, education and the arts. To question an alternative idea is heresy. Why is there such opposition to creationism and pressure to believe in evolution? It's final they yell. It’s law; and the final reality is survival of the fittest (the biggest and loudest). Really?

What if you knew the theory of evolution is not substantiated by true science? That even though it is almost universally seen as an invincible and impregnable fact, in reality its theory is built on a fatally flawed foundation. For many, their programming and indoctrination is so complete they dismiss and resist any questioning of the inconsistent and primitive science of Darwin. But the Oxford English Dictionary, recognized as impartial and authoritative, defines science with limits to the physical and the natural world. Anything beyond the physical and natural is therefore outside the bounds of science. Yet the evolutionistas say everything came from nothing and they say that we are mentally deficient for believing that God created everything from nothing. It takes more blind faith to believe nothing could create anything, let alone DNA, men, women, babies, plants, minerals, animals, the seasons, and the solar system!

It maybe their flawed science is influenced by the fear of having to answer to the Divine and what He requires of us. Planned ignorance and deception drive their misguided “game plan” … converting unsubstantiated theory into so called fact, creating “NO TOLERANCE” zones in colleges and universities for professors or scientists with divergent views … so much for open mindedness!

The lie has been told so many times, by so many people (in power), it has become the truth. The Goliath's have arrived at their position of dominance by subterfuge, bullying and coercion. The truth be told we should call their posturing on the subject of Evolution, Ripley’s Believe it or Else!

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