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Nothing plus nothing equals nothing. Nothing times nothing equals nothing. Nothing minus nothing equ

Look at Webster’s Definition of nothing:

1: not any thing : no thing, leaves nothing to the imagination

If true, then “nothing” is nothing. For just a moment let’s imagine nothing is something then it must come from, or exist in a different realm outside the natural and visible world. And if it is not seen, or of the physical world, then what or who is nothing? Nothing must be something to have created all we see. Or do we believe Webster’s definition that nothing leaves nothing to the imagination? On the contrary, with respect to the theory of evolution, nothing leaves everything to the imagination since there are no conclusive scientific facts to support the theory of evolution. If you think that’s hard to follow tackle this:

If nothing created everything (claims the theory of evolution), and God created Nothing (claims the evolutionist), then we must logically conclude God created everything! Even the History Channel on camera spokes people, including the devout atheists; believe there must be an unknown/unseen world to explain the mysteries science cannot explain. As one well known Ancient Alien author said, “My God doesn’t ride in a space ship”.

I have nothing else to say.

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