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Disbelief without a foundation of logical and rational reasons why…

Disbelief without a foundation of logical and rational reasons why it makes sense not to believe, is being unfair to yourself. Be kind enough to yourself to at least have a good reason to not believe. If you disbelieve because of the testimony of scientists, at least be kind enough to yourself to examine the substance and validity of the answers they say refutes God.

I heard a story once about a very small monkey that could not be trapped. A rhesus? A spider monkey? I don’t remember. Other varieties of monkeys had been successfully trapped. Not these. Upon sensing the approach of humans they fled to the treetops. Finally someone devised a trap from a hollowed out gourd. They made a hole just large enough for the monkeys hand to reach through and put a nut or piece of fruit inside. Then tethered it to a tree. The monkey reaches through the hole and grabs the fruit. When he closes his fist around it, his hand won’t come through the hole. He could open his fist and escape. He doesn’t. Everything within him says Hold On. So he holds on, and jumps up and down and screams while the trapper comes and gets him. We are like that sometimes. The first time I fell water skiing, everything in me said Hold On. When I realized the choice was Turn Loose or Drown, I let go.

Be kind to yourself. Question the science that destroys faith. Is it really Objective, Neutral, Unbiased? Is there really no agenda behind it? Seems to me if their evidence was as strong as they say, there would be no need to censor and restrict other views. Don’t let others do your thinking for you. Be bold and ask for specific reasons not to believe. Ask for a list. There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to believe. Start here.

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