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We are looking for Contributing Editors!

The facts that cannot be denied include:


For decades only one view of origins has been allowed in the schools. A textbook definition of indoctrination and brainwashing is the ONLY way to view public school censorship.


Not much is being done about it. There are groups attempting to change curriculum but they have not been very effective at changing 40 years of that seems to be a progressive plan in action.


There are simple to understand and easy to explain insights that have the potential to help armor plate our children and send them into the battle unafraid. Do you have any ideas? Would you like to author a blog we can share? Are there organization making an impact? This is our effort to counter act the censorship. Save the children! Show them how to counter act the false propaganda they have been censored to believe. We have a tool that will help you arm your youth with the truth... and it's FREE. NO cost. We even pay for shipping. Over 100,000 copies are being used around the globe: available in over a dozen languages.

Save the Children…

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