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Why People Believe In Evolution

They are taught it and by people they trust.Their teachers were taught it by their teachers and professors they trusted. And all the teachers and professors up the line were taught by those they trusted. And probably less than one percent of all the scientists who ever lived have had a firsthand experience in the lab questing after the origin of all of creation we observe. All the rest believe second hand and having no personal hands on experience; they simply believe what they have been taught in faith. Think about it! The very authority figures that are condescending to you for your faith in God are accepting really outrageous claims of how vision and digestion and reproduction came into being. Can you see how it takes more faith to be an atheist than a religious believer? Did you know that the scientific method can only be applied to operational science, not historical science? It takes more faith to believe this unproven theory that contradicts the second law of thermodynamics, than to believe in the Creator.

Have you ever thought about how NOTHING could create EVERYTHING?

Has science ever been wrong? Yes, many, many times. Here are just a few errors that stand out over the centuries: the flat earth theory, the belief that the earth was the center of the universe (not the sun), and the myth that margarine is good for your health. For 25 more “scientific” errors see the link at the end of this paragraph. Some choose to worship at the altar of science. We, in good conscience, cannot!

How do you decide who to trust?

Do you agree that bad conduct is a revelation of one’s nature and character? Are you less likely to trust a bully than someone who listens and discusses the possibilities? Of course you want the ability and freedom to choose, not be bullied, or have your opinions and beliefs censored. So let’s consider the sources for passing down the theory of evolution as scientific fact. It is the Goliath model of the public educational system that teaches the theory. Our children have no alternative choice; no intelligent design, superior being, or even aliens are allowed to be considered. How does Goliath act when alternate theories are put forth? They posture themselves as the Goliath of old did with arrogance and condescension; with rude dismissal. Your “Intelligent Design” theory is religion and not science and will not be allowed in the classroom! Who gave them the authority to rule on what is and what is not science? And why do they get to decide what is allowed in our tax-paid-for schools? You might think that if they are as confident as they claim, they would gladly demonstrate the superiority of their side scientifically! They cannot.

There is no incontrovertible proof that evolution is a scientific fact.

We contend that evolution is not even valid science, but rather an easy excuse to not acknowledge the Creator. They would rather believe that an explosion made everything come into existence (Big Bang Theory) or a single cell amoeba grew into the entire catalog of inorganic and organic items including the animal kingdom, culminating with humanity! How the evolutionary scientists maintain the age of the evolutionary process began millions of years ago is a mystery. Considering….

Carbon dating can only go back 50,000 years at best.

It is a dirty little secret why they never agree to a side by side comparison. Why? Because they have no facts or standard by which to justify their claims that the origin of life has scientific outcome attributed to evolution and not to God.They have no way to prove without any doubt evolution is scientific fact. We can conclude that their resistance to other possibilities of the origin of mankind is nothing less than bias and bullying. Look at society after 50 years of pushing evolution as science. Civil behavior is largely declining and lawlessness is increasing.

The Theory of Evolution is forced on innocent children, as Goliath taunted David, with nothing to back it up but his boastful fear tactics then just as the giant fell to his death, so will the theory of evolution be proved to be a house of cards! Share the truth to debunk this horrific lie! Social media, PTA meetings, letters to the editor, stimulating conversations etc. are some good options to do so.

Let’s get ready for a third grade awakening!

By Don Cain

Contributing editors: Mary Johnston and Domenic Fusco

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