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How Did the Concept of SEX Evolve?

I am wondering how it all started. If a “male whatever” crawled out of the goo, then what impressed it to think, hey, I need to make a mini-me. Wait! What went on in the mind of a pubescent “male whatever” to think it needed to make a “female-whatever”? And with a billion species that rely on a mate to multiply, it seems that all male and female species had to evolve at the exact same time to reproduce or they would not exist. Yikes. Imagine all species had to say, you’re a good looking “whatever” so let’s figure out how to copulate before we die so we can make another one, two, three or four of us. Wait! Do we die? What if sex wasn’t a pleasant activity the first time around? Oops, there goes the whole human race.

That leads me to believe the whole idea of reproduction is counter to evolutionary theory. The male, at just the right stage of development, would have to locate the female in just the right state of development and impregnate her. At birth the baby who has lived in a watery environment for nine months (why?) has to begin to breathe air at birth. All these things have to be gotten right the first time or reproduction does not occur. We are not speaking just of humans but of all life. What invisible force urged every first male and female who evolved at the exact same time to reach out and touch someone so they could produce every single living thing we see in existence today? What creepy crawly thing came up with the idea of sex anyway? Like I said “Sex is a touchy subject”.

Honey where did you put my fig leaf? Oh, I thought a salad would be great for dinner.

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