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Evolution. It's a Hoax Folks (Chapter 1)

Intimidation and Censorship

By government edict, children are required to attend school. For the tens of millions of children in government schools, forced indoctrination and brainwashing are the norms. You know the tactics; censorship of opposing views, and endless “under the radar” propaganda. For nearly a century, only one view of origins has been allowed in schools. Hint: it’s not God. And it is they, not we, who are the censors! Their argument for evolution is everything came from nothing. Really?

Indoctrination tactics that are well known are routinely used on children who are unprepared to refute them. INTIMIDATION: You will go along with the theory of evolution or face stigma, exclusion from the rest of us, banishment, and become a part of the outcast group of Neanderthals that think they know more than the scientists! Who can resist? No wonder so many young people have disappeared from the churches. The very atmosphere in secular schools and throughout academia, the ethos, is against the Divine supernatural. Of course they have no proof that only the material world exists! But they get away with telling the children that it is fact! Our children daily face arguments like: “You know that all religions have their origins in antiquity.” The evolutionists attempt the subtle undermining of things historical, not really relevant to the question of the origin of the universe.

“You know that science has proven its ability to speak authoritatively on all things.” Including outright lies and they get away with it! The children are given the false choice of God or science. They are inundated with all the pseudo arguments against God, and all the arguments for science. The arguments they use against God, such as “the suffering of the innocent, natural disasters and the hypocrites in the churches,” are all straw men, and are pretexts in their battle against God. You can equip the children with adequate, simple nontechnical answers, timeless truths without dismissing God. Teachers, instructors and professors are authority figures, many of whom relentlessly make their case against God and for the authority of science. The children are, for the most part, unprepared. We can change that by providing them with nontechnical, simple insights and easily transferrable concepts, from parent to child, and from student to student; things that are, upon reflection and examination, self-evident. Science wants children to make a choice between “theory and faith” and most telling, between science and God. They use the prestige of science against the children and us, to fortify their claim. It is outrageous that these God-haters, (we must say it with tears!) use the very science that in all aspects points to God, to make an argument against God! How long will we let them get away with it? As far as I can tell, they offer no explanation of where the laws of physics came from, or how and why the laws rule and are so reliable. Search as you will and science offers no evidence for the origins of the Laws of Nature or Physics. They know that the very existence of LAWS points to a LAWGIVER! The very One they are fleeing from!

Science begins with the claim that nothing exists beyond the material, physical world. The Oxford English Dictionary, the most authoritative source in the English language, and some would say, in the world, defines science thus:

“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

This definition denies the existence of anything beyond the material world. There is nothing transcendent, or supernatural. We have all supposed that their denial of God is because of something they have learned, or think they have learned, in their labs and studies. Not true! Their quest begins, at the very origin of the theory of evolution, not at the infinitesimal elements that are required to build every bit in the visible world upon. The elements and the DNA of everything had to be created first. Think about it, do you believe everything came from nothing?


The above blog is an excerpt from the Book It's a Hoax Folks. It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. It's a Hoax Folks offers non-technical explanations for their deceptions. Visit for more.


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