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Only One Group of Scientists Reject the Law of Entropy. Who are they?

What is Entropy?

Entropy is the summary term for that aspect of the 2nd law of thermodynamics describing the downward flow of energy from order to disorder. There are entire books on the subject. All scientific authorities unequivocally are in agreement that entropy applies to the entire physical world without exception. This is the uniform experience at all times and everywhere. Here is the definition:

Everything is spiraling downward from more order to less order; everything, with no exceptions. Except those who believe EVOLUTION is based on true science and not a theory! They never mention that entropy has to be rejected for evolution to exist, at least not for public consumption. Even though the textbooks and the experience of all the investigators in every other scientific field bear out the conclusion that entropy affects everything, with no exceptions. They, without any evidence of shame on their part, proclaim evolution is the answer while overriding this law and deceiving themselves that the universe moves from disorder to order. Never, of course, acknowledging that this is against all the evidence that science has gathered regarding entropy.

Why? Why reject entropy or any other law agreed upon in real science. There has to be a motive. Think about it. Every human being experiences entropy: people get old and die, flowers for your loved one only last a bit then die. Cars get old and end up in the junk yard. Everything is spiraling downward from more order to less order; everything, with no exceptions. It is not at all in line with common sense or with experience. Why do evolutionist reject the law of entropy because one has to acknowledge a lawgiver or creator... God. And in fact if you come to the conclusion that what is before our eyes was created, a design, then you have to conclude there is a creator. And their emphatic rejection doesn't even take into the possibility of the invisible or unseen world. Do they have any evidence for their contention that nothing exists beyond the physical? No. But “we’re scientists. You can trust us. We’ve already seen that evolution offers no explanation of the origins of the laws of physics. Modern technology depends on God’s laws of physics. The very One, evolutionists, are trying to escape. Evolutionists use the boundaries made possible by God’s laws, to resist Him and

mislead hundreds of millions of people! Shame!

Next time you discuss evolution with someone ask them to explain entropy. Don't argue. Just state what is accepted by all scientist (except evolutionists') that entropy is real, that everything is spiraling downward from more order to less order. Ask them to explain it and give one example. Why is it we have no examples of intermediate stage of evolution? Why is it thousands of birds, plants, etc. go extinct every year but no new species appear.

Because of Entropy


The above is an excerpt from the book Common Sense Destroys the Faith in the Theory of Evolution (Coming soon). It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. For more insightful information and free resources visit


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