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The Greatest Social Disease That Infects All of Society

Christianity is in an epic battle. The USA is experiencing a decline in church attendance and worst, a society that no longer knows right from wrong. The battle fields we face are 1. Media and News (Dilute Bible Truth), 2. Education (Censorship of our belief in God), 3. Science (Promotes evolution the gateway to atheism), 4. The Arts (Music and movie content pollute our minds), and 5. Politics (Teaches government is our salvation).

The greatest threat to a Godly nation begins in our schools. The constant destruction of our faith in God starts with the most innocent, our children. By the time they graduate high school they have had twelve years of progressive brain-washing and censorship of God. We are witnessing a spiritual Foxe's Book of Martyrs where our children are being spiritually murdered with lies and deceit right before our eyes. More than 80% of church attending students graduating from school leave the church! Why?

It's simple: government schools promote, without any opposition, EVOLUTION. After 12 years of being taught the theory of evolution as a factual science students conclude if we have evolved from the earth over millions of years ago then the creation of mankind by God seven thousand years ago doesn’t make sense. Hence, the theory of evolution has given birth to the religion of atheism. Atheism makes man the god of his or her life.

Evolution is the seed planted in the minds of our youth that breeds the belief there is no God. Without God and His rules, man lives a self-centered life of Values clarification and situation ethics that guide his choices. With absolute standards, no right or wrong, obeying self, and serving self, society experiences the chaos we observe in the animal kingdom; survival of the fittest. Unrestrained behavior, immediate gratification and rejection of authority results in a society that operates without a moral compass. You be the judge! Do you trust the press, media, the arts, education, science and politics to work from a moral foundation?

12 Years of Government Schools Breed Evolution - No God.

Students have no choice. Christianity is Censored.

You are probably thinking those five spheres of influence are way too big for believers to defeat. That’s exactly what King Saul and his soldiers thought. But then along came David and without human reasoning and unwavering faith in God, David boldly proclaimed the victory and proceeded to kill Goliath. Why not us? Join our Summit and let's make a difference.

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