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The Origins of Laws of Physics - Chapter Ten

Have you ever wondered why the evolutionists never offer any insights or explanations on the origins of the laws of physics? The rule, authority, regularity, and dependability of the laws of physics are the foundation of science.

Why do the laws exist? Where do they come from? From whence comes their power to enforce their jurisdiction over everything? Why are they knowable? What is the source of their authority?

Evolutionists address none of these. But I believe they know. They have to know. Their rebellion is a conscious and deliberate one. Laws are necessary to formulate theories and to test and verify or falsify them. You couldn’t even formulate a theory, much less verify or falsify it without laws. The laws limit what will and what will not work.

A few hundred years ago Isaac Newton saw apples fall from a tree and deduced the law of gravity. Other scientists who were household names a few generations ago, before the enemy seized control of the schools, began to discern regularity in nature and discovered and formulated other laws. The Periodic Table of the elements was conceived and began to take shape and reveal order.

Many elements were abundant in nature and their atomic weights and numbers began the classifications. As the years went on, other elements were discovered and filled the gaps. Some very rare elements were missing in the table, but anticipated, until finally the table was complete with no gaps and no missing spaces. Order and organization, like everything else, point to a creator; God.

Over the decades and centuries, many other discoveries added to what we now take for granted as The Laws of Physics. These laws of physics are the basis for the prestige of modern science. This prestige is a major reason for the success of the God denying theory of evolution. We enjoy photography of man’s footprints on the moon, air conditioning, automobiles, and the internet, all provided by modern science.

Can you see how these creations are a powerful incentive for the layman to believe whatever scientists say concerning evolution is true? And when they take the position the unseen God is not the answer for the origins of man, we are not inclined to argue.

However, laws infer or imply a Lawgiver. The Lawgiver is who the evolutionists are fleeing from. They offer no theory of the origins of the laws of physics because there is no plausible explanation that could attribute them to a big explosion in space. And the Big Bang is their best substitute for God.

Why not use logic to compare the possibilities of all of creation designed by a creator with incontrovertible, unchangeable laws versus an explosion of chaos that created order and standards by accident.

There is a reason why the laws are reliable, repeatable, and dependable. Chaos creates chaos, not order. There is a reason why they rule as a standard. Otherwise why would scientists search for order if the rules were ever changing? There is a reason and intentionality, a purpose why the laws of physics are intelligible and are comprehendible. There isn‘t a single creation of mankind that is not based on dependable laws of science.

Scientists do not throw items at a wall and expect to create a battery operated car.

I haven’t found anything from the evolutionists regarding the origins of the laws of physics. They don’t offer an explanation of why they exist. I think they fear that the whole idea of laws point to the Lawgiver. The very One they are trying to do away with. So they remain quiet and hope we don’t notice.

The reason, rationality, intentionality, purpose, and intelligibility are the product of a Divine Mind. Evolutionists suggestion that their source of all creation is natural selection, which Richard Dawkins’ defines as “blind, mindless and without purpose.” This requires credulity, sometimes called “parking your brain at the door.” Let’s call it blind faith – the very thing they disparage us for! If anyone in the science guild has challenged Dawkins’ dictate, they have been pretty quiet about it. Silence most often implies agreement or, maybe in this case fear of reprisal. .

So to deny the Originator of the laws of nature is a brilliant Mind, and to insist its origin is instead, a blind, mindless and without purpose force is laughable, unless you fear or hate God. This is self-evident. The Creator’s mind is personal and the source of our personhood. This is self-evident. Otherwise you have the problem of how the impersonal created the personal.

The reason is God.

It is self-evident from the science of Ecology, that everything fits in and has a purpose in the overall scheme of things. If everything else has purpose, then so do we; dignity, significance, value, and meaning. All anchored in God; those attributes are self-evident – unless you reject God as bad news. And now you know why God is good news.

Review and Reflect: All of modern science and technology rely on the dependability of the laws of physics! The evolutionists owe us an explanation of the origins of the laws. Since they have not, we are left to speculate that it is that their bankruptcy provides no answer. Well, for one reason they haven’t needed to answer because they employee censorship. It seems evolutionists find the existence of God “bad news” and liberating. We need to help the children see the real motive of this contrived lie. Ask yourself “Should I trust God or an explosion based on speculation for the origins of these laws and my very being?”

The above is an excerpt from the book It's a Hoax Folks. It's purpose is to expose the motive for the false teaching of evolution as true scientific fact. Simply put the theory of evolution destroys our children's faith in God. Evolution The Art of Concealment offers non-technical explanations for their deceptions. Visit for more.

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